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Complete Wiring System Solutions for Classic Automobiles

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American Autowiremanufactures the industry’s best OEM restoration, modified restoration, and universal wiring systems on the market. 
Whether you are working on a totally stock restoration, a resto-mod where you are adding aftermarket power accessories, or a completely custom street rod…
American Autowirehas a solution for your vehicle!

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American Autowire takes great pride in being part of a truly American Hobby.  Take pride in your American ride… choose American Autowire!

Classic Update Series

Complete updated wiring systems for specific year model vehicles

The Classic Update Series is a complete wiring system in a box!

Everything you need to modernize your classic vehicle: Headlight, Dimmer, and Ignition switches; Boots, Tubes, and Grommets; Fuses, Relays, and Flashers; Original Connectors, Terminals, and Disconnects.
Classic Update wiring systems are made for specific makes/models/years and are currently available in more than 40 kits.
NOTE: These kits are recommended for MODIFIED original vehicles, not OEM restoration projects.

Builder Series

Complete Integrated Fuse Box Wiring System;  The Builder Series packs big power in a small panel! The Builder Series represents the next stage in Integrated Fuse Box Wiring. It is the perfect fit for those tight wiring spots in kit cars, roadsters, etc. It incorporates a slim fuse panel with mounting pads and an attached fuse panel cover with an inner label, identifying all circuits by description and fuse rating. All high output circuits incorporate the same superior spring steel reinforced terminals as used in the Highway Series wiring systems, making the Builder Series second to none in durability and reliability.

Highway Series

The Highway Series is the most powerful and customizable wiring system produced by American Autowire. The Highway Series was developed to handle the most demanding power requirements and accessories. With the Highway Series, you the have the most flexibility in fusebox placement, and the freedom to customize your vehicle however you like. The Highway Series is perfect for street rod wiring, custom jobs, and projects that require more power than other systems can provide.

Power Plus Series

Pre-wired • Economical Our newly updated POWER PLUS series is a complete Integrated Fuse Box Wiring System, combining a factory-style pre-wired fuse box with a new simplified installation approach. An Integrated Fuse Box System installation starts at the fuse box and each of the circuits are routed from the fuse box to their destination. Power Plus wiring systems include new headlight and dimmer switches at no extra charge.