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We offer complete assembly of most kit cars on the market today.

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Now we have examples of our QUALITY work to some the same areas!

As you can see this car received a new kick panel and complete cowl assembly. The seams and the quality was better than the factory. More attention was paid to the details. The inside of the cowl was seam sealed and coated to prevent any chance of corrosion in the future. The factory leaves the inside of the cowls bare and they rusted.

​​The Fender rust issue was cut out, then acid treated to kill the rust in the pores of the metal, then primed with weld through primer. After that a metal patch was fitted flush to the surface and welded in place. This way you get an almost metal finished surface. Then a metal filler is thinly applied to seal the surface to smooth the slight imperfections.

Incorrect Floor Pan Patches Added, Rust Bubbles coming throught the paint and a 1/4" of bondo to shape the Lip.

  • Factory Interiors installed 
  • Wiring harnesses replaced or repaired 
  • Performance improvements 
  • Crate engines, Transmissions, Rear Ends 
  • Suspension restoration and upgrades
  • Disc brake conversions
  • Borgeson Boxes & Rack-n-pinion conversions 
  • Trim work & show detailing 
  • Engine compartment detailing & systems repair
  • Subframe connectors installed 
  • Windshields installed or resealed
  • Rust repair & prevention
  • Floor pans repaired & replaced better than factory
  • Quarter panel repair & replacement
  • Paint striping
  • Fully body restorations & reconditioning
  • Vintage air systems installed & repaired

and much, more!!!!!!! 


Below are examples of uncovered, incorrect repairs that were done to a car over the years.

Old Collision Damage, Fender Rust Filled with Bondo, Body seams covered, More rust and seams covered.

"Complete Restorations for all Early FORD & CHEVY Muscle Cars" 

What we do !

We have numerous customers that purchase the classic car of their dreams and find the restoration quality poor or totally incorrect. Because of the increased values of classic cars, the market has had an increase in "Flippers" that just want to cash in on the inexperience of the common buyer. Were here to help! We only conduct business one way! The most honest way we know how, Do the work RIGHT the first time!, Be open and as honest as we can about the work thats needed and keep you INFORMED! We feel if your educated and informed of the correct repairs that are needed, you will enjoy the whole restoration experience. Your saving a Classic and restoring the past!​

Paint Striping By Hand protects the surface from additional damage and allows you to inspect the surfaces a step at a time. Blasting, fills all the structure with blast material and is impossible to remove 100%. Thus the chance of more corrosion in the future. "Would you drive your car on a beach and not expect sand corrosion" I think NOT!


Here are the pictures of a SHOW WINNING Project!

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The car is now painted and ready for finial assembly.

Below You see the Floor Pans correctly installed matching as many factory seams as possible with solid welds throughout. This makes them stronger than the factory floors. The cars are leveled with 8 stands to support the weight of the car evenly. This prevents any possible twist to the chassis before the new pans are installed.

Quarter panels are also done in the same way, with the car supported correctly to prevent any chassis twist. Great care is given to keep as many factory seams as possible.

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